DVBT Televizor

DVBT/DVBT2 TV Player for Android

SW requirement:
HW requirement:

Goolge Play


  • free with no ads
  • working offline (internet connection not necessary)
  • supporting external keyboards and remote controls connected as keyboard (usb, bluetooth)
  • recording to internal storage
  • automatic and manual tuning
  • exporting/importing tuned channels
  • EPG for current/next program (only Latin alphabet support)
  • possibility to enlarge the font (ideal for tablets and TVs)
  • Android 4.4 and higher for architectures: armeabi, armeabi-v7a, x86, x86_x64, arm64-v8a

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Supported keys
arrows down/up, button R1/L1, S/W, NumPad2/NumPad8 selecting next/previous channel
arrows left/right, PageUp/PageDown, A/D, B/F, F2/F3, NumPad4/NumPad6 selecting next/previous channel (step 10)
OK, Enter, space, Play/Pause, Numpad5, buttons R2/A/Start play selected channel
0..9 play channel by it's number
F4, Escape, Play/Stop/Close, NumPad-, Delete, button X stop
F5, Numpad 0, Left CTRL refresh channels
Guide, Info, button L2/Camera, I, G, F1, Tab, NumPad+, Tab, F1,F6,F7,F8 - detail of selected channel when playing
- Edit/detail dialog when not playing

Supported gestures (when playing)
swipe left/right stop
swipe up/down play next/previous channel
double tap enable/disable fullscreen